Hi, I am Christopher Jud.

In my professional life, I am responsible for the product portfolio as a Head of the International Product Unit as well as General Manager of the GHG-Service GmbH. My responsibilities include the development and strategic alignment of the product portfolio and platforms for physicians and healthcare professionals.

In addition to my professional activities, I am involved in research and teaching on product management for platforms and platform-based products, digital business models as well as agile methods in organizations. Since a couple of years, I am also involved in the field of cyber security and combine insights of the different fields.

I am a lecturer at the FOM university and give the lecture "Electronic Business" at the Munich campus. In addition, I supervise seminar papers and theses in bachelor and master programs.

Platforms and platform-based business models are my focus and passion. My focus is on integrating different stakeholder groups, ensuring added value for them and continuously aligning platforms with market, industry, trends and stakeholder requirements. Furthermore, an important part is to find an organizational form for the management of platforms, roles and responsibilities as well as a design of platform management in order to include platforms in the portfolio as an organization and make them successful.

My doctoral dissertation deals with the effects of platforms and their ecosystems on complementors. Complementors can be found on most platforms and are members of the ecosystems surrounding platforms. They can appear in the form of providers of mobile applications, developers of extensions or plugins, etc., and complement the functions and capabilities of the platforms with their products. As mentioned above, most of us encounter complementors through the use of "apps" on our mobile phones. Through platforms, complementors are increasingly regulated. This includes the technologies to be used, the business model, or the functions of offered software products, among other things.

On this website you will find several articles about platforms, platform related product management and content about trends like artificial intelligence and other influences on platforms and product management.


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